Haas will help upgrade your car with a colorful and funny mini wall

Haas has switched to putting on a funky-looking little box, and that might have a good effect on their car’s performance. Gunther Steiner revealed the essence of the strange idea.

One of the favorite F1 subjects of meme makers is Günther Steiner in front of the boats. The famous image from the Netflix series is always being recreated depending on how Haas is viewed. There was already a small toy ship and a large cruise ship standing behind the Steiner.

When we look at the Haas crater wall in Bahrain, a toy boat version comes to mind. While other teams set up the usual “watch booth”, the Americans came up with a miniature version: three chairs and two observers were placed in the position next to the finish line.

The reason is efficiency and savings.

“When you need to save, you look at everything, but not efficiency. When you have to spend your money on improvements—because we’re hitting the cost ceiling now—what do you use it for? Should you have six, or should you Have a quarter of a million dollars to improve the car? I know what we’re doing.”

Steiner justified miniaturization.

Haas (photo: XPB)

Haas didn’t hit its annual budget cap last year, and its money didn’t fare so well after Mick Schumacher’s big crashes at the start of the year that it actually only used it for one big project during the year, and then nothing. last. As Steiner later admitted, they only managed to quickly collect the necessary amount.

Technical director Simon Resta indicated at the launch of their car that they want to improve on this in 2023: they will develop the VF-23 more efficiently and in several smaller steps during the year. Funds are now available thanks to a new title sponsor. And they seem to be trying to set it well. They cannot go any higher than that.

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By the way, with the little box wall, they could save $250,000 by not having to move as much stuff during the season. Therefore, their solution is not for testing, but for the whole season.

Haas (photo: XPB)

Although Steiner sat on the pit wall during Friday’s testing, he said that since there was only room for three people, he was happy to stay in the garage on weekends. “The boys came up with the idea and I said if I have to stay, no problem. I don’t need to go out. But they said they could cover what was needed with three chairs. We rearranged everything, but mainly to save money on improvements, because we’ve already hit the cost ceiling.” – The Italian explained, stressing that all this does not automatically mean more developments during the year, as innovations will not be implemented unless they are convinced of their beneficial effect.

Meanwhile, other competitors operate with traditional pit walls in Bahrain, which usually seat 6-8 people.

Pit walls for teams – photo gallery:

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