Gyuri Korda and Clary Balaz started crying: Betty Puskas made a difficult decision

It’s unbelievable to even say that, however György Korda first introduced himself as a singer in 65 years, and it has been 40 years since he became a faithful companion of Klári Baláz. Both on stage and in private life. Just as their career is legendary, so is their love, their joint path has been paved with countless hits and this road is far from over.

Claret Balazs and Jergy Korda mourn before the concert Photo: László Szabolcs / Bors

“You’ll need a soufflé.”

Nothing proves this better than the fact that they scored one of the biggest hits of the past two years, “Airport,” first heard on the duo’s record 42 years ago. Among other things, the legendary duo owes this success to the fact that the fans will celebrate tonight with them and their star guests in Budapest Park, where, according to all indications, not a single pin will be dropped. The day before the party, Borss arrives at Clary Palace, who hasn’t hidden the fact that she’s looking forward to very busy hours, as she tries to control everything.

Physically, tonight’s concert does not require any special preparations, because Gyuri and I rehearse very well, because we constantly play concerts. That’s right, that’s right, we’re going to need a soufflé for this party, because we’ll be on stage for an hour and a half, but I can promise you right now that we’re going to kick Team Park out.

– laughed Klári Balázs, who during the conversation was finalizing himself and, of course, György Korda’s outfit.

Photo: László Szabolcs/Bors

“We’ll be in the park by noon…”

“I still have a lot of work to do, because we both like everything that comes its way on performance day and our only task is to get to the stage. Well, it will be a little different, because we will be in the garden on Thursday afternoon, where we are also having a rehearsal With the orchestra, with which we are already working well, but we would like to understand each other with a smile. And today I’m putting together our performance apparel. Gyuri will change his clothes twice and I will change his clothes three times during the ceremony.” – Share the singer who can’t wait to see how the audience will react to the featured songs performed at the concert, especially those performed by the invited star guests.

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An army of stars will join them on stage

“The party will be very exciting, as we will perform many hit songs with Gyuri, and at the same time there will be quite a few songs that will be performed by the brilliant singers we have invited. I must say that when I heard how Bogi Dallos and Peti Puskás sang one of the duo’s tunes, tears came to my eyes. We absolutely adore Barbara Schöblocher, so we’re really honored to have you onstage with us Thursday night. Tibi Csordás also accepted our invitation, so we will have a song that will be played in Latin form. And, of course, András Csonka will be there with us, where I can spend hours talking about all the wonderful things. He explained enthusiastically Clary Palace.

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