Gyurcsany started calling Urban a dwarf

Gyurcsany started calling Urban a dwarf

A post titled “Troll” has been published. Ferenc Gyurcsány on his Facebook page. In it, the former prime minister, who has indicated several times recently that he is preparing to rule, called Viktor Orban a dwarf at least eight times.

“The dwarf has been peeing and climbing all his life. He doesn’t like being a dwarf. I think he might have some youthful pinches too. Just think. Big voice, little ability. Right now, there are more failures than real victories,” the former Prime Minister wrote relatively early on, who focused most of his writing on the conflict between the Hungarian government and the European Union, asserting that Western countries are in a much better position. The position is in everything else, except for the number of nuclear weapons. , like Russia, but

“Our miserable dwarf defends the killer and says that he and his country should not be punished for the deaths of thousands of people. I don’t know how much it cost the French state at that time to build the gallows, the guillotine, and the executioner’s fees. I don’t know how much bread would have been cheaper if the state had given up About beheading for punishment.But I think the Hungarian prime minister will sell the soul of the Hungarian nation, the honor and integrity of neighboring Ukraine for a few forints.

rag man. dirty. Historical dwarf. And anyway.” – concludes the post.

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