Gyula Kovacs became the fourth member of the mix

The Montreal World Triathlon Championships concluded last Sunday with a mixed relay competition, with an excellent result from a Hungarian point of view. Giola Kovacs, an athlete from the Tiszaújváros Triathlon Club, finished fourth with Lobi Dobi, Márta Kropkó and Márton Kropkó.

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In the mixed substitution battle, the U23 and Novice groups started and evaluated together, which was not a good omen for the very young Hungarian unit of three juniors and one junior.

In Montreal, 300 meters of swimming, 6.6 kilometers of cycling and 1.5 kilometers of running await participants. Almost all our way through 5-6. about the place. The fourth place he won in the end exceeded all expectations. Especially when we consider that in the turbulent field there have been shifts in the mix of great powers such as Australia, the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and New Zealand. By the way, the best Hungarian position so far was the seventh achieved in 2019.

Triathlon: Junior World Cup

World Triathlon Championships, mixed pitchers (17 countries): 1. France, 1:24:07, 2. Great Britain, 1:24:26, 3. Germany, 1:25:40, 4. Hungary (Giola Kovacs, Marta Krupko, Marton Krupko, Lily Dobby) 1:26:17.

(On the cover: Gyula Kovac was also a member of the Hungarian Relay)

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