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György Korda and Klári Balázs moved into an apartment building

György Korda and Klári Balázs moved into an apartment building

Giorgi Korda and Clary Palace waved goodbye to their beloved hotel after thirty years and moved into a smaller, more livable home. Their loft apartment with a large balcony satisfies all the amenities, but a little piece of Uncle Jeory’s heart remains in the old house.

Although the couple took possession of the new 150 square meter apartment months ago, everything is not yet in its final place. Clari Balázs and György Korda They are still getting used to their new home. They do not have an easy task, because for three decades they lived and created in the famous Villa Korda, from which moving into an apartment half the size was not an easy task at all. In addition to the emotional connection, there is an amazing amount of movables that had to be selected first, and then decided what goes and what stays…

Giorgi Korda and Clary BalazsPhoto: Gábor Szabó – Origo

The furniture has been donated

The couple decided to donate more furniture, sofas, dressers, rugs, and curtains to II. The neighborhood, where they were and still live. The donation has gone to a good place, and will be used in the St. Francis Hospital rest house in Pakone, as well as in the nurses’ residence.

With a grand view

The new house of the singer couple is an apartment building in a green area, celebrities live on the top floor. In addition to the perfect view, they also have a large balcony, because of these two factors, they said yes to buying the property, PepperClary Ballas.

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