Gyor becomes NB I Champion by winning a rally race

Gyor becomes NB I Champion by winning a rally race

Audi ETO KC of Győr won the NB I women’s handball title after winning the bronze medal at Debrecen House in the last round. Although Ferencvaros defeated Vak with his opponent by the same score, the best overall goal difference favored the Gyor team in the final. This was the 16th ETO tournament, which is a record – Vasas has won 15 golds and Fradi has 13 golds.

The Gold Tag Team Championship was held at the same time on Friday, and the formula was simple: if Jeyer won, he would practically be the champion due to the huge goal difference, but in the event of a points loss, Frady would have been the winner. 1st place if he beat Vác. Since the FTC already had a 10-goal advantage in the first half, it was conceivable that they would make their match, so all eyes were on Debrecen.

Zsolt Szigetváry / MTI

The fate of the championship title is in our hands.

It’s true that we last beat the DVSC at the Audi Arena in Gyor, but Friday’s showdown won’t be easy at all. Bronze medalist in Debrecen in the Hungarian Championship, playing at home in front of his fans, it’s a very good team and this will be their last game of the season, so I’m sure they will give their best” – even before the match Tell The forbidden coach Gyor, Ambrose MartinWho only got a seat on the podium.

The Spanish specialist was right, because although his team started fast with two goals, Debrecen reversed and led to 10-8 in the first half. ETO regained control before the break Estelle Nzi Minko And Anne Mitt Hansen Leading 16-13, but DVSC tied in the second half and did not allow its opponent to interfere, so cut the difference from 21-21 in the final quarter of the hour.

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That’s when the classic Geor came out, scoring three goals in two and a half minutes Look Victoria. At the same time, Debrecen did not let himself down, although he could not get close to his opponent by more than two goals. He had an important hair match moment when he was at a human disadvantage Selge Solberg defend it Petra Customs They shot and then on the other side please on hi He made his way through the defense and scored to score the final score at 28-25.

It should be noted that Stein Oftedal He did not play for the Gyor team, and without him the team match was stopped.

Therefore, both ETO and Fradi ended with the same score (50-50), and only matches played on the field against the same opponents with the same level of selection were taken into account when determining the total teams. Geyer finished with a goal difference of 308 and the FTC with a goal difference of 269, ETO won Monday’s race to 269-237.

Gyor won the championship title, he is also in the finals of the Hungarian Cup and the four Champions League, that is, he can triple the season.

Incidentally, the FTC beat the Vác 38-16.

Győr closed in first, Ferencváros in second, while Debrecen reached the lowest score on the podium. Vác finished the fourth season.

He played his last game in DVSC Anna KovacsThe 50th national team player ends the match at the age of 30 due to his constant pain. Drivers bid him goodbye over loudspeaker.

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NB Women’s Handball I Round 26

DVSC Schaeffler-Győr Audi ETO KC 25-28 (13-16)
FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary – Vác NKSE 38-16 (19-9)

1. Audi ETO KC 26 25 – 1876-568 50 points from Geyer – Champion
2. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary 26 25-1 849-574 50
3. DVSC Schaeffler 26 21-5 758-636 42
4- Vác NKSE 26 17-9 799-75834
5- Mutherson Moson Magyarovar 26 14 2 10 812-75630
6- Siófok KC 25 14-11747-73628
7. Kisvárda Master Good SE 25 10 2 13 631-675 22
8. MTK Budapest 25 9 4 12665-71222
9. Dunaújváros Metallurgist KA 25 10-15 676-73620
10- Alba Viehervar KC 26 7 2 17668-74616
11- Moira Budaors 2 6 25 17655-781
12. Érd 25 6-19634-75312
13. Hungast Szombathelyi KKA 25 4 2 19648-801 10 – Dismissed
14. Vasas SC 25 3 – 22654-840 6 – Eliminated

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