The Guys Talk: What Girls Want To Know

I’m sure all of us girls wish we could just open up a man’s brain and see what’s going on in there. They can make us so mad or so sad and even throw mixed signals, it seems like no matter the game… we always lose.

We decided to have girls anonymously submit REAL questions they would like to know the answers to and get the real Tea on what’s going on up there in these guy’s heads. Keep in mind this Q&A was 18 and up.

We decided to keep the answers anonymous so guys could be completely honest.

Question 1:”What does it mean when guys take a long time to text back?”

Male 1: “We are either not interested in talking to you or he’s really busy”

Male 2: “I’m playing the game or I don’t want to seem thirsty”

Question 2:“Why do guys find the need to entertain other girls when they already have a good girl?’

Male 1 :” When guys get used to having the same thing everyday they want to everyday they want to experience something new. So it doesn’t matter if sh’s a good girl, if she doesn’t have what the guy wants, he’s going to keep entertaining other girls.”

Male 2: Guys like feeling wanted. We like attention too. This attention from multiple females let’s us know we still have it.

Male 3:When a guy cheats, it’s to fulfill a fantasy. We can sleep with  a girl and move on. We would never put her on the same level as our “main” that’s dead.

Male 4: Just human nature

Male 5: 80-20 rule. You get 80% of what you need in a relationship, you try to find WHATEVER that 20% is elsewhere.

Question 3: Chase or Be Chased?

Male 1: Both, if I had to pick–chase.

Male 2: Be chased.

Male 3: Be chased. Which always works in my favor.

Male 4: A good chase is always entertaining. After a while, we want to be chased.

Question 4: Why Lie on Love? (Use the word and not mean it)

Male 1: I personally don’t anymore, when I was younger I did but I grew up. I feel like some guys just don’t want to hurt the female.

Male 2: I don’t know. Maybe because of a motive or hidden agenda. Sometimes girls won’t do certain things if they don’t feel loved.

Question 5: “Why don’t guys state their intentions up front?”

Male 1: We should, shouldn’t we?

Male 2: I try to, but if you don’t like them, then what?

Male 3: Nah, that’s not happening. You don’t know what your true intentions are at first. You meet a girl and your intentions could change.

So it seems that guys are a little more complicated then we may have thought.  Stay tuned ladies because guys have questions they want to ask you too!



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