Molnár Gusztáv elvonóra vonult

Gusztáv Molnár went to a rehabilitation institute

Gustav Molnar His sister, Sheila, has not heard from her brother, who is recuperating in a retirement home in Komlo, for more than a month, he writes eyelash.

“The good news now is that there is no news, since no one can speak to Gozeti for two months. My phone number is given to the establishment, but they only call if something is wrong, but fortunately my phone has not rang yet (..) Anyway, he knew Guszti and felt that this current institution would be better than the previous ones, because alcoholic patients were treated in a more strict and disciplined manner.My brother received an ultimatum from two childhood friends They told himEither he dies or he joins here. Finally they brought Guszti to Komló” said Sheila, Gustav Molnar’s younger sister.

Gusztáv Molnár in 2021, on the Reggeli programme. (photo: Little Red Riding Hood/solwee)

“If you sign the papers when you get in, beg no matter what, they won’t let you out. He’ll have to spend at least one year there, and then he’ll have to go for checkups for another six months, because they’ll also help him reintegrate.” – said Sheila to the newspaper, who also revealed that he is an actor Already in a desperate situation It was, he lost weight from 130 to 85 kilos.

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