Günther Steiner supports Verstappen's decision in the Netflix case

Günther Steiner supports Verstappen’s decision in the Netflix case

Netflix has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, and part of that has been the production of a very popular series about Formula One, with a behind-the-scenes look. Max Verstappen However, he recently said that he didn’t want to be on the series anymore because he thought it was too sexy.

“If Max doesn’t want to be involved, that’s his decision, and I’m not criticizing that,” Steiner declared diplomatically. “You are free to choose whether or not to participate, and he has chosen not to participate.”

“So we shouldn’t judge him. If you feel you didn’t paint a good picture of it, you have every right not to get involved in it,” added the head of the Haas team, who is a regular member of the series.

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“Obviously fans will miss Max because I think he’s a good contestant and a real character and personality, but if he doesn’t want to be involved, it’s a matter of his life,” added Steiner, who has never seen an episode. “I don’t know how they portray me, so I have no say in that.

However, not everyone shares Verstappen’s concerns, with several riders defending Netflix, but also hearing voices from team leaders that the series has had a very good impact on Formula One.

Zac Brown revealed that “Netflix has done a great job in Formula 1”. “It’s gained a much smaller and larger fan base. It’s had a really big impact in America. From what I see, I think it’s realistic, complete with a little theater, but it’s TV.”

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