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GULIAS: By next Wednesday, 400,000 more people will be able to get vaccinated in Hungary

GULIAS: By next Wednesday, 400,000 more people will be able to get vaccinated in Hungary

Jirjeli Gulias confirmed that by May, Hungary will be able to vaccinate 3.5 million more people than countries that rely solely on vaccines provided by the European Union.

He said that there may be slight disruptions to a logistical process of this scale, but Hungary in general is already ranked second in the vaccination ranking in the European Union, and the goal is to be the first.

The minister pointed out that, contrary to what appeared in the newspapers, the vaccination program did not stop for a minute. Jirjili Gulias added that it is difficult not to consider the series of vaccinations in which 400,000 people will receive the vaccine as non-collective.

He pointed out that in general practitioners, hospital vaccination sites will vaccinate the registrants with Sinopharm, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in the coming days. The vaccination with AstraZeneca alone has been stopped, but people will also receive it in the second half of next week.

He put it this way: unfortunately, even in the biggest crisis, the left starts from the principle of “worst, best”, and results directly from anti-vaccination. With the vaccines that have been tested and approved by the Hungarian authorities, and that tens of millions of people around the world have been vaccinated with them, which provide them with protection, why not get vaccinated in Hungary? Asked.

Gergely Gulyás described the Chinese vaccine as one of the best, and perhaps the one that provides the most protection against mutations. He added that the anti-vaccination stance goes against Hungary’s interests and also that as a result of effective defense, the economy can be resumed as quickly as possible.

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This is not the first time that Hungary has played a leading role – it cited immigration in addition to vaccinations, indicating that Hungary was the first to say the process should be stopped. He stressed that in the case of vaccines, it was clear that good vaccines could be made not only in the West but also in the East, adding that they insisted that vaccines be tested by the Hungarian authorities and that only people who are controlled and safe be given.

The liberal European People’s Party, hitherto called Fidesz by the European People’s Party (EPP), had the Benelux or Scandinavian pygmy parties that pursued a fundamentally intolerant policy and could not tolerate the Hungarian ruling party, which adhered to traditional Christian values. Immigration and also establishes explicit values ​​in family policy. He stressed that the representatives of Fides have always represented Hungarian interests in Brussels.

Gergeli Gulias noted that no one in the European liberal press argues that the Hungarian prime minister is one of the most influential politicians in Europe, nor that with the departure of Angela Merkel in September, Viktor Orban will be the oldest prime minister. This indicates its bad reputation and its influence in itself – the minister emphasized.

He noted that there is life outside the EPP. He added that among the conservative and right-wing parties in Europe, there is the strongest Italian ruling party, and the largest party that forms the Polish government, and allies can be found between them.

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According to Girgeli Gulias, the EPP seems to have abandoned the basic values ​​of the right in recent years, but there is also a great social need and the need for international cooperation to be those who represent it.


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