Guitars were also made of French fries, colored pencils, and smashed DVDs

Guitars were also made of French fries, colored pencils, and smashed DVDs

The possibilities are really limitless.

It is not only possible to make a musical instrument from traditional materials: this is how the 300-match match made by a Borsaud gypsy musician, born today, was born in one of the first exhibitions of the new Ethnographic Museum. violaHowever, we can find more exotic pieces in different parts of the world. Among those, we now offer four guitars.

in Moscow brass guitar one face Artem Mayer At a nearby McDonald’s, he decided to come home with a faux-leather bag of French fries, from which a few weeks ago he had come up with an end result resembling the famous Les Paul plate, which included a paper tray for one meal.

The countless steps of this surprisingly complex project can also be traced back to this nearly eight-minute video:

Perhaps less than that, the American has come a long way Derek Lenardwho compiled his distorted version of one hundred and fifty Jinja items in three months:

An American who makes unusual gadgets Fun Burleigh He thought more about stationery – he glued two thousand colored pencils together and then applied varnish to the finished object:

Nick Zamty In his work, many may not raise an eyebrow, although the psychedelic action of a mixture of instant glue and thousands of randomly broken DVDs would have made the audience behind him a favorite at any concert in the 1960s:

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