Guilt pleasure becomes the perfect refreshment with homemade ice cream

Guilt pleasure becomes the perfect refreshment with homemade ice cream

Ice drink can be made at home using many techniques, methods and tools, but the most practical companion is a blender. Of course, you can also have ice cream machines if you want an even supply of ice coolers throughout the day, but since it takes about three minutes to make one batch when freshly mixed, this is a completely unnecessary investment.

Most of today’s appliances, whether it’s a blender or a knife chopper, can handle ice cubes and frozen fruit, but it’s worth checking if the motor really has enough power to handle solids, so it doesn’t break.

Ice cream is the transition between ice cream and soft drinks, and we can say that it is a slightly diluted, melted, water-based ice cream. What a ruined dessert from the point of view of ice cream, is a wonderful and wonderful drink from the point of view of snow porridge: and this is further evidence that only the point of view is important.

If you have a machine, there is no hindrance, you just need some liquid, sugar and fruit, fruit juice and maybe syrup, or a ready-made soft drink. In fact, I’ll go further: according to the inventions of people on the Internet, all you need is a bag and a large pin or rolling pin. This method is recommended only if all the ropes are broken and we hit the insurmountable layer of snow porridge in an apartment without any equipment. On the other hand, it is not worth starting with a stick blender, it does not handle snow.

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I immediately tested four different ways that you split the network in order to find the most suitable one. When mixed with juice or ice soda it becomes pure iced soda, this is the only trick that disappointed me, for others, although it leads to different results, it all works. Let’s take them one by one!

Frozen orange juice in an ice cube tray – Photo: Bori Ács / Telex

Ice cube tray, juice

Here’s the instant fix: it freezes quickly and requires no preparation. I tried it with orange juice and apple juice, because that’s what I had at home, but if I wanted to make it visually bigger, I’d do it with some kind of brightly colored red fruit juice. I didn’t miss the sugar, the cider was especially sweet, but those with a sweet tooth should add honey or sugar syrup, as it can be mixed easily.

Method: Pour the juice into an ice cube tray and freeze it. I put it in the blender, add water with the value of one finger and mix. If the machine does not take it, you can carefully pour a small amount of cold water, one tablespoon at a time, but not too much, as it may dilute too much.

Ice cubes, fresh fruits

Now I have an apricot on hand, which, despite its excessive density, still leads to a wonderful end result: it turns out to be something like a half-dissolved sorbet.

Method: I put fresh fruits with the same amount of ice cubes in the machine and crush them. The consistency of this depends on the density of the fruit and, by definition, you need some water for the thickest, and only add ice for the thinner. The best seasonal fruits for this are yellow and Greek watermelons. This was my personal favorite of all the techniques, the fact that it dissolves very slowly, you can drink it and cool next to it for a long time, is a special argument in its favour.

This was made using the apricot ice cube method - Photo: Bori Ács / Telex

This was made using the apricot ice cube method – Photo: Bori Ács / Telex

frozen fruit

This method is most obvious if you have received, bought or grown a very large watermelon or a lot of fruit: they can be cut into cubes and put in the freezer, and from there directly to the juice. Although it is an obvious method in many ways, it was the least useful for me, because the natural taste of the fruit deteriorates during freezing.

Carbonated as juice

I also tried one of the life-saving tricks on the Internet, according to which a small bottle of carbonated soft drink practically turns itself into ice cream if you skillfully freeze it. I recommend trying the ultimate holiday boredom for young schoolchildren, because they are so amazing. It is worth paying attention to following each step, this is the only way it works, we messed up the first step. You need a small bottle, you have to fill it with soft drink, soda syrup, no matter what, as long as it is carbonated. Now comes the point: you have to shake it well and then keep it in the freezer for 3.5 hours. We tested the method at -12 degrees. Then you have to shake it well again, prepare a glass and open the lid carefully and slowly. Watch out because it shoots! The thing works great: The frozen soda carbonate turns it into an ice slushy.

Snow porridge from cola - Photo: Bori Ács / Telex

Snow porridge from cola – Photo: Bori Ács / Telex


As I said, I do not want to stigmatize those who love plastic porridge, and even for the sake of their happiness, I will tell you how to make classic machine porridge at home. All you need is sugar, water and ice. In the first round, the situation is more complicated because if we do not have a drink on hand, we have to cook a syrup for it. On the other hand, the drink lasts a long time, so you can make a large amount of it from scratch, and then it will also supply us during subsequent heat waves. It is a very simple process: I put the same amount of sugar and water in a saucepan and boil it until it dissolves. This can be flavored with all kinds of spices, but the most important thing: you can color it with food colors, and then you can already sip on your own Hupikék trpike porridge.

Shards that don’t even need a machine

If we want ice cream, but something that can be dried, we have to invest more energy and time in the hair, but the result will be more interesting. Italian Granite is the typical dessert of southern Italy, in Sicily it is served with brioche made of almonds, in Naples it is sold from small travel carts, it is so lemony that it is not even considered a dessert, it is refreshing and sour, they go straight to our brains. I made it last year from watermelon, but it can be based on any fruit, fruit juice, or even coffee or cola. The main thing is to put the liquid in a flat box, and while it is freezing, scrape it with a fork every half hour so that everything is crumbly.

Vanilla and milk ice cream - Photo: Bori Ács / Telex

Vanilla and milk ice cream – Photo: Bori Ács / Telex

This milkshake is $5 special

We’ve come to another boundary category: milkshakes, or milkshakes in Hungarian, something we had no idea about until we saw the story of the curtain, and even then it wasn’t entirely clear what Mia Wallace ordered, but Vincent Vega pays five dollars for it. Later, when American fast food restaurants became more famous, they became a part of our lives and became at least as loved as porridge. It’s so simple it’s hard to believe: you have to whip up a mixture of milk and ice cream, maybe decorate it with syrup, fruit, candy canes, and sprinkles, and drink it from a tall glass with a straw. Unlike fruit porridge, these smoothies are amazingly heavy and heavy, you can eat whole meals with them.

Here, you just need to pay attention to the proportions: half a liter of milk is enough for 200 grams of ice cream. Ice cream can be any flavor, chocolate and vanilla ice cream are the best, but ice cream with a cut inside is not suitable for this. Needless to say, the better the quality of the ice cream, the better the milkshake.

And the best thing is to blur the categories of boundaries and create a complete chaos in our minds, which are already confused by the heat. For this, I mix the proportions of milkshakes using the technique of fruit ice cream, and instead of milk, I add fresh fruit to vanilla ice cream, and now currants and raspberries, because they are wide, but strawberries will also be good. Boom, raspberry milkshake! You can even go a step further and I can also throw in some ice cubes, then it will be less creamy, but it will stay cold longer.

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