Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons release slips to 2022

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons release slips to 2022


We have to wait a bit for the third add-on to arrive.

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In less than a month and a half, nine years ago, Guild Wars 2, the numbered sequel to the 2005 MMORPG. ArenaNet showed in the first part that one can work without a monthly fee world of cans Some kind of game and they only asked players for money for accessories. The Guild Warsba anno I also took many hours on it, regularly running errands with friends, but the second part was really out of my life and I wasn’t really following along.

Guild Wars 2 received its first addition in 2015, which is heart of thornsR – After the base game is completely free – then another two years later fire road. Last March, the third addition was announced, Guild Wars 2: The Dragon’s Endt, which was originally scheduled for release by the end of this year.

However, the coronavirus has intervened, and the past year and a half has also changed the life and work of the ArenaNet team, which is why they need more time to complete the game. Thus, Dragon’s End is only expected to appear early next year. For more details about the studio (such as the return of some old employees), read Arenanet studio update for the month of July Entering the official website

So anyone looking forward to another adventure in the two worlds had to wait a little longer. Anyway, meanwhile, on July 27, the developers will show the game details in a live stream. ■

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