Guests storm Győr's old food bar, which has been closed for good

Guests storm Győr’s old food bar, which has been closed for good

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Due to the difficult economic situation, the Arrabona restaurant closed after 42 years. In Győr, everyone wants to eat the restaurant’s hot mushroom sandwich one last time.

It will be permanently closed on November 26th In Győr, he writes the bar food of the Arrabona department store, which opened in 1980, along with the legendary hot mushroom sandwich, whose recipe is as old as the place, telex.

“I regret to confirm that the news is correct, the Food Bar will be closed permanently on November 26th. Unfortunately, the problems affecting hospitality, such as the hungry situation, staff shortages, high raw material and energy prices, and the uncertainty about the shop turnaround, have not escaped us, which made me I’m making this painful decision. We thank you for the opportunities we’ve had regarding continuity, which I’d like to take advantage of in the future, but the most important thing right now is that we can properly close our operations here, and that we can serve our guests to the fullest extent in the remaining time.”- Posted This text is on November 8th in the food bar on his Facebook page.

Six days before the final shutdown, Telex wrote that In the past two weeks, the restaurant has been in such a rushTa buler liver and patahaza steak, but above all for the hot mushroom sandwich, which was last seen only in the 1980s. However, according to store manager Mike Zoltan, the huge interest is solely due to the announcement of the inevitable closure.

However, there is the fact that for the majority of Győrs, the biggest pain will be giving up the warm Arrabona Ételbár mushroom sandwich. The recipe for the sandwich was invented by the restaurant’s first food manager, István Pető, award-winning master chef Joseph Venez of Győr, in 1980. The preparation process has changed slightly, but the taste is the same, and it’s been baked in the same oven for 42 years – write telex, and even reveal the recipe in their article.

Bar food hasn’t changed much in the past 40 years either: the furniture is original, the tapestry has just been pulled off, the 1566 inscription depicting Győr can still be seen on the wall, the menu board hasn’t been moved an inch in 42 years, this is probably the only place in Győr where aluminum trays are still used .

The three-story Arrabona Co-op store itself, which houses the food bar, will also be remodeled in the future, but the details of this are not yet known.

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