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GTA V also comes with the latest gaming hardware

GTA V also comes with the latest gaming hardware

Three generations of aircraft will be officially supported by the Rockstar Cannon.

It’s catching up Beside The Last of Us Grand Theft Auto V, originally launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will be released on November 11, 2021 for the latest generation of consoles, according to Rockstar Games. This will allow the game to run natively on three successive generations of consoles.

Grand Theft Auto 5Source: Rockstar Games

Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series owners can still play GTA V and the GTA Online multiplayer component online now, and backward compatibility allows them to play previous generation versions on their devices. The latest releases of the game will differ from these in that it will be able to make better use of the capabilities of the new devices, and introduce technical and visual improvements, and the details are not yet clear.

Meanwhile, Rockstar announced that it will have surprises in store for players to mark the 20th anniversary of GTA, some of which will be available on GTA Online. Additionally, PlayStation 4 players and PlayStation Plus subscribers will get $ 1 million a month in online play mode until the latest version of GTA V is released, and after its release, a separate version of GTA Online will be available to play for free on PlayStation 5 for three months.

Since its release, Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 140 million copies.

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