Grumpy and funny - animals that show the most sincere human emotions

Grumpy and funny – animals that show the most sincere human emotions

Anyone who has a pet will surely know how expressive a pet’s gaze can be. By looking at the photos published by the American Museum of Natural History, we can see the same for many of the interesting animal species.

Couldn’t believe this, monday tomorrow!

Cockerell Sivaca (Propithecus Coquereli). Sivaka belongs to the hops family that lives only in northern Madagascar. The word sivka simulates the cry of an animal.

In the morning after waking up

This is not a simple owl, but an owl. Mouth Hodgson frog (Batrachostomus hodgsoni) It is native to tropical parts of Asia. It is active at night, and rests on tree branches during the day.

Sleepy, going to work

Red fox (FoxesIt is widespread throughout Eurasia and North America, but has also been introduced to Australia. Known as a vector of disease and a bird thief.

When others are already on their way home, but someone still has to do.

Sand cat or chrysanthemum cat (Phyllis Margarita) It lives in small areas of North Africa, Israel, the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan and Turkmenistan, usually in desert and semi-desert areas. The sole is covered with a cushion made of 2 cm felt, so the cat can definitely stand on its feet on dry loose sand, and the cushion also protects the sole of the sole on the hot floor.

When you see someone trying to park in a place smaller than your car

panties (Aegolius funereus) It also happens in Hungary. It hunts small mammals and birds. He explores his victim at night and prone.

Mom, let me not go to school today!

Gooseberry is a particularly vulnerable animal. Their numbers have dwindled significantly because their meat is a delicacy in many Southeast Asian countries and their scales are also used in traditional Chinese medicine.

If watching can kill …

Fresh beaked birds or stork (Balaeniceps Rex) Of grassy marsh dwellers. It lives in Africa, and has a population of only 1,500 individuals across the continent.

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Inca cockatoo (Leaden parrot) It is native to most of Australia. The most difficult types of breeding parrots. They are shy and sensitive to environmental changes, but can be tamed with patience over a long period of time. Your speaking skills aren’t important, but you can teach them a few words.

I played carefully …

The dog is a gray wolf (the gray wolf) Domesticated form of an already extinct subspecies. They serve people as co-workers, as healing animals, as pets. The date of the beginning of their domestication is shrouded in scientific debate, but it usually goes back 10,000 to 100,000 years ago.

Very funny thing.

Polygonal Owl (Strix Faria) It is native to Canada, the United States, and east of the Rocky Mountains as far as central Mexico. Hiding during the day, hunting at night, common prey is the main prey.

Just turn my back to me …

European wild cat (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) It is very rare in most European countries. It looks much more plump than a domestic cat. Although the European wildcat is a legally protected subspecies, hunters still shoot it when confused with the domestic cat.

Cover photo: instagram: amnh

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