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Groenwegen wins at Kasenbarsica, ahead of Jacobsen

Groenwegen wins at Kasenbarsica, ahead of Jacobsen

“You can’t always roll six dice, sometimes things come out well, and sometimes things go wrong. Second place isn’t bad, I should be happy, although being second behind Dylan isn’t where I want it to end up,” M4 said after Sports Awards Ceremony Question Jacobsen. The two sprinters competed for the top spot on the Polish circuit in August 2020 when Groenwegen seriously injured his compatriot with an erratic maneuver. All the bones in Jacobsen’s face were shattered, all his teeth were lost, and he remained in an artificial coma for two days.

Jakobsen said his team has done an excellent job, losing both legs to success after their victories in the past two days.

“Today was second place as far as I could go, and I can only blame myself for not being fast enough,” Jacobsen added. Looking ahead, he is generally feeling good ahead of the next training camp, after which he will prepare for the Tour de France, which is the biggest goal of the season.

“We had a great plan, everyone was working for me, the boys were very strong, and they put me in a good position. I was able to run free and knew I was one of the fastest guys,” before the next races.

Dina Marton, who is 10th overall, still holds the Hungarian team’s white jersey. However, in the final stage, he considers escaping and helping his British teammate Mark Christian.

“Obviously we’ll discuss tactics, but that’s likely to be the case,” Dina said. “My legs were bad enough today, and I hope they come tomorrow. Maybe because it’s just the beginning, I tried a lot to escape, but it just didn’t come together.”

Carl Adam later considered it a mistake to beat the last climb: after being so excited, he came at the start of the field rather than slipping gradually back from the front, as experienced sprinters do. He noted that he switched the side five to six miles in front of goal to get a good position, but had to struggle to get behind Jacobsen and third place Rudi Barbier.

“But I lost their wheels in the last kilometer and a half, I didn’t have good sprinting legs today. To MTI Karl.

Hongri’s 905-kilometre run will end on Sunday with a royal start from Miskolc, 184 km in Quixteto, a level difference of 2,751 metres.

The results, Tour de Hongri:

Section 4, Kazincbarcika-Kazincbarcika, 177 km:

1. Dylan Groenwegen (@BikeExchange-Jayco) 3:59:15 p.m.
2. Fabio Jacobsen (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl) at the same time
3. Rudi Barbier (French, Israeli Prime Minister of Technology) ai
… 19. Karl dám (Hungarian national team) ai

Complex edge set:
1. Jacobsen 15:58:50
2. Barbier 10 seconds obstruction
3. Jens Reynders (Belgium, Sport Flanders-Palais) 12sec.
… 10. Dina Marton (EOLO-Kometa) 22 sec h.

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