Grenday: Caterers have exhausted all their reserves and are in a hopeless situation

Grenday: Caterers have exhausted all their reserves and are in a hopeless situation

The situation is already unsustainable for many, so it would be fortunate for the government to allow it to reopen as soon as possible. To the Hungarian voice Carolee Grenday. According to the Michelin-starred Costes owner, there is nothing surprising about the caterers’ dissatisfaction.

Because they have bled, they have exhausted all their reserves, and they are in a hopeless situation. While it hasn’t been able to open its doors in months and looks like it will remain so for some time to come, almost nothing has come from the wage compensation that the government had previously promised due to slow and cumbersome bureaucracy. For many, the situation is already already unsustainable.

On the other hand, Grenday does not see “dissatisfaction movements” as a good trend, as this is neither epidemiologically nor commercially appropriate in the absence of proper regulation. According to Gerenday, statements that opening and visiting restaurants under strict regulation would not pose a greater epidemic risk than other open retail stores and malls are justified.

Regarding the summer festivals, Grenday said that the uncertainty is complete at the moment, and no decision has been taken yet about the festivals, but preparations are being made with caution. It is believed that this state can be maintained until March, when it will be decided at the latest whether or not the summer mass events will take place.

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