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Green Collapse – Right-wing parties won a large majority in the European Parliament « Mercy

Green Collapse – Right-wing parties won a large majority in the European Parliament « Mercy

Based on preliminary estimates – The rise of right-wing parties And Defeating the green and leftist parties Which came as a result of the European Parliament elections. The Green Party family was expected to lose 20 seats, while the Socialists and Democrats gained 6 seats and the United European Left one seat less in the new body, although the number of available seats increased by 15 seats in the current session. The biggest winners in the elections are expected to be the European People's Party and the far-right Identity and Democracy Party, which managed to increase the size of their faction by 10 and 11 seats, respectively. All this while the major far-right forces, such as Fidesz or the AfD, have not yet committed to any party family.

European Parliament Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Green Party's poor performance is due to the weak performance of Green parties in the most populous countries, such as Germany and France. The German Green Party lost nearly half of its voters in 2019, and its number of voters in France also decreased significantly. Although the Green Party became the largest party in Denmark, for example, and a coalition of the Green Left and the Labor Party managed to win the Dutch elections, a poor performance in the EU's most populous countries could not be compensated for by a good performance. Performance in small countries The liberal Renew Europe party also lost badly, and one of its main figures, the Ennahda party led by Emmanuel Macron, lost so much that the French parliament was also dissolved.

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Based on estimates, the new European Parliament will consist of the following parties: Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats: 133 seats; Greens: 53 seats. United Left: 36 seats. Renew Europe: 82 places; Identity and Democracy: 60 seats; European Conservatives and Reformists: 70 seats; European People's Party 186 seats; Other party families: 50 seats; – Non-partisan: 50 seats.

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