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Great Britain returns to the research programs of the European Union
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Great Britain returns to the research programs of the European Union

The European Commission and the UK government have reached an agreement in principle for the UK to join the European Union’s Horizon Europe research program and the Copernicus programme, the European Union’s Earth observation satellite program, as part of a trade and cooperation agreement.

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According to the committee’s information on Thursday, Great Britain’s return to the Horizon Europe program will deepen and strengthen ties between scientific communities, foster innovation and enable collaboration among researchers in dealing with global challenges.

From Action 2024, British researchers can take part in the €95.5 billion Horizon Europe programme, to be administered between 2021 and 2027, on the same terms as researchers from all other countries linked to it. According to the announcement, it is also possible to continue the long-term cooperation that has already started.

Photo: Copernicus

Joining the European Union’s Earth Observing Satellite Program (Copernicus) gives the British the opportunity to do just that

They will have access to the latest capabilities provided by the system, and they will also have access to the European Union’s space monitoring and tracking services.

According to the statement, the agreement was reached at a time when Copernicus’ space infrastructure and information services are witnessing great development, and its contribution to understanding and managing challenges related to environmental and climate change has become more important than ever.

British participation in science programs in the European Union ended in 2020 as a result of Brexit, and for its return the UK pays roughly €2.6 billion annually into the Horizon and Copernicus programmes, but does not have to pay membership fees for the years. since the award was withdrawn.

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