Great Britain prepares for the funeral of the Prince of the Philippines

Already on Thursday, a smaller crowd clashed at Windsor Castle, as the Ornamental Knights of the British Army rode that day. The soldiers who were preparing for Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday were also taken with them.

Many onlookers had already laid flowers along the long walkway leading to the castle, with some short children watching the preparations with a picnic basket in hand.

Second. It is possible that Elizabeth’s husband would not have bothered the joyful outing that surrounded his funeral; Land Rover Defender green military was developed 16 years ago.

While this will be the funeral of the prince, the inevitable attention will accompany the drama among the younger members of the monarchy. Prince Henry returned home from Canada on the occasion of his grandfather’s funeral, and also took part in the mourning procession, but not for a year, next to Prince William, and in the church they would not sit side by side, as would have been the case a few years ago. Many believed the funeral would be a good opportunity to smooth out the fratricidal disagreements that arose when the Duke of Sussex left the royal family. But the farming system does not allow that in the end, “according to a Euronews correspondent from Windsor.

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