Gran Turismo 7 - Shift your seventh gear!

Gran Turismo 7 – Shift your seventh gear!

Sony’s second biggest PlayStation 2022 exclusive is another amazing tech performance, but is it still the best real driving simulation game? With our test code from the Hungarian Sony PlayStation, we have become a true “Asphalt Store” with the latest cars divided on the most diverse racetracks.

When the original Gran Turismo was released for PlayStation in 1997, car games were not yet available today. Since polygon-based 3D games arrived on home consoles not long ago, the most visible style has been presented by arcade games, where 3D has already established itself. This means that the PS1’s starting title, Ridge Racer, meant an all-round arcade experience, and its handling model was fleetingly similar to driving a real car.

This is how the first Gran Turismo was born

While that in itself is not a bad thing, standing in a game room and paying for short and intense playing times on a coin slot machine is not at all like playing on the sofa where you have plenty of time to relax and explore. The need for excitement remains, but this excitement develops more slowly in the player. It is precisely this long-lasting pleasure and the need for more subtlety that gave birth to Gran Turismo.

When it was released 25 years ago, Gran Turismo provided this revolutionary experience. Designed specifically for the main console, it offered a more complex experience rather than the immediate enjoyment of driving games. Gone are the insane power slips and totally unrealistic but fun body modeling, replaced by something that comes close to real driving.

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Another thing that the original Gran Turismo did so brilliantly was that it almost made development sense is role-playing. I started with a weak little Verda and first learned the tricks of driving with the help of a console. Then the game slowly allowed you to move up to and upgrade more powerful cars as you moved up the ranks as needed. It was all about racing, but also about learning and collecting and tuning the cars you want to drive.

The last full-time entry in the series (with the exception of the unnamed part Gran Turismo Sport) appeared on PlayStation 3 in 2013. The omission of an entire generation of console (PlayStation 4) is a major omission for a series considered so central to PlayStation history, which, along with With the game’s quarter-century anniversary this year, it’s a pretty big moment.

When you “feel” every vibration in your car!

That’s why Gran Turismo 7 is such a minor revolution – and it’s no easy feat if your gaming franchise has been constantly evolving for decades. He achieved this by deepening every system in the game. From sound effects to lighting and haptic feedback from the DualSense controller to weather simulation, nearly every aspect of Gran Turismo 7 has been rebuilt from scratch.

This is perhaps the most obvious of the therapy model, which has always been the most important part of the game. The game, titled “True Driving Simulator”, strives to provide an authenticity that matches the driving of an actual car. In the past, the console was an obstacle between the player and a car-like experience. In this generation, Polyphony Digital wants gamers to feel they don’t have to buy steering wheel accessories to get the full driving experience, and the PlayStation 5 DualSense console is enough.

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The most direct change is haptic feedback, which conveys everything from adaptive stimuli and a greater range of vibrations, from changes in road surface to tire scraping when cornering. You can tell a lot about what your car is doing and how well the four wheels are in contact with the asphalt or the ground, just by feeling.

In addition, Gran Turismo 7 makes better use of the full lateral movement of the joystick, so even the smallest movements of the joystick can be clearly felt on the trajectory of your vehicle, making steering more like using a wheel. Sure, a gamepad can never completely replace a greater range of motion, but this time the simulation is really expensive, and there’s no need to buy a steering wheel for it.

A new level of realism

The sensory immersion is enhanced by the sound, which is absolutely tantalizing with headphones, a decent sound system or PlayStation Pulse 3D headphones. Your car’s engine sounds, suspension and rubber sounds are totally lifelike, complimented by reflections from tunnels, fences and other cars. Just like the wind that looks different in every car’s cabin and gets stronger as you accelerate or drive your car in bad weather.

Now you can hear all of the improvements, from the loud, loud whining of the newly installed turbocharger to the sharper roar of the engine when you switch to the racing air filter. This is an exceptional development in terms of conveying the feeling of physical presence in the car, which, combined with tactile feedback, creates a new level of realism.

your car and you

Speaking of improvements, the changes are as fundamental in Gran Turismo 7 as they were in the previous parts. Almost every car comes with five separate sets of parts, from sport to extreme, that allow you to vary your performance. You can also make cosmetic upgrades, from wider cycling curves across the rear wings to a selection of standard paint colors and stickers, and show off your creations on the community post front.

However, to gain access to the more complex car classes and championships, you must pass driving tests while obtaining a set of licenses. These competitions are far from tiring, but with great levels of difficulty, they mean a simpler bronze medal, a more challenging silver medal, and often a gold medal with grueling trials. The tests also start by teaching you a few turns before moving on to full tracks, so you can decide how to get the best lap times on different tracks.

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This is important because the greater evolution of the driving model requires a more adaptive approach to racing. The seemingly simple, sloping ovals of American acceleration tracks, for example, require the use of both the accelerator and steering wheel to traverse the corners of the tail muscle cars that these tracks are best suited for. The stakes are high and even small mistakes will be punished by putting your car off the track.

While the rally is a less important part of the game, it does come with its own cars, tires, and challenges. While the precision that is the trademark of the series persists despite the dirt and mess, you need to change your driving style again to have a chance to finish off the podium, turn around early and see when your car will soar into the air and how the landing affects governance.

More than 400 cars

With over 400 cars, most of which are fully upgradeable, and over 90 different track layouts, we can feel the exceptional content being a little confusing. To avoid this, the Café: The owner of Gran Turismo Café will act as your leader and mentor and will gradually introduce you to new tracks, cars and racing types. Filling in list cards adds new car collections to your garage, quickly filling it with an amazing variety of toys and also saving a bit of history for different car brands.

Be like a GT driver: don’t be an idiot

As has always been the case with the GT series, literature is actively encouraged in multiplayer tournaments. This also means that in addition to first place points, you also have to behave well on the field. Confronting or hindering competitors on purpose will reduce your athletic ability, which in turn will lower your leadership ratings. This is a smart and reasonable way to make the multiplayer mode more civil, and other online tournament games may want to take that into consideration.

There is a lot to explore, from music gatherings featuring a track, car and track, to one-off missions to different showrooms where you can shop and learn more about cars. It’s still frustrating that damage modeling means nothing more than dents and dents, but it’s the car manufacturers’ fault and licensing restrictions, not Sony’s fault.

From the feel of sitting in a real car to the astounding richness of content, Gran Turismo 7 is in every respect the next generation of a great legacy dating back 25 years. Everything has been improved, refined, and refined to make it the most complete and immersive car game available today. This is an exclusive game that deserves more PlayStation 5s sale.

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Cover Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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