Gran Turismo 7 just got even bolder, making it unplayable!

Polyphony Digital hits the bar: after patching, the game itself didn’t work well, so it’s not good to be online…

Let’s start with patch 1.07. We used to write that compared to the Gran Turismo Sport, you have to pay up to eight times more for the car if we use real money (that is, we do micro-transactions for them). This was the tip of the iceberg, because the truth is that we need a lot of toys for many expensive cars (where is the GT2, where one of the most expensive cars can be bought with 2 million credits in half an hour!?!). Well, the most expensive Verda was filmed by the Japanese studio, so you can only buy it for a limited time; So they try to encourage us to spend real money (this is the FOMO effect), which makes it worse that the cars we already have can’t be sold!

After completing the game, our goal is to get the most expensive and legendary cars, but to do that we have to compete again and again. On the other hand, users quickly discovered the tournament for which it was easy to earn credits. The problem is that patch 1.07 seems to have stopped just like that. This is sad mainly because it’s a PlayStation 5 Gran Turismo 7 Your taste is 80 euros (that’s 30 thousand forints is good…). Here is a list of what the developers have rewritten. The first value is the old value and the second is the new value:

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  • World Touring Car 800: 24 circuits du Mans: 5,000 Cr – 70,000 Cr
  • World Touring Car 800: Monza: 5,000 cr – 70,000 cr
  • World Rally Challenge: Alsace Village: 50,000 kroner – 30,000 kr
  • Dirt Heroes: Hunter’s Farm: SEK 65,000 – SEK 30,000
  • Earth Champions: Sardinian windmills: 65,000 kroner – 40 thousand kroner
  • Dirt Champions: Lake Colorado Springs: 65,000 kronor – 40,000
  • GT Cup Gr.4: High Speed ​​Loop: 65.000Cr – 35,000Cr
  • GT Cup Gr.4: Brands Hatch GP Raceway: 65,000 SEK – 45,000 SEK
  • GT Cup Gr.3: Spa-Francorchamps: SEK 75,000 – SEK 50,000
  • GT Cup Gr.3: Suzuka Circuit: 75,000 cr – 50,000 c
  • GT Cup Gr.3: Autodrome Lago Maggiore: SEK 75,000 – SEK 50,000
  • Clubman Cup Plus: High Speed ​​Episode: 35,000 kr – 25,000 kr
  • Clubman Plus Cup: Tsukuba Circuit: 35,000 SEK – 25,000 SEK
  • Clubman Cup Plus: Goodwood: SEK 35,000 – SEK 12.000
  • American Clubman 700 Cup: Special Stage Road X: 30,000 kroner – 15,000 kr
  • US FR Challenge 550: Blue Moon Bay Highway: 15,000 kroner – 10,000 kroner
  • American FR Challenge 550: Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca: 15,000 Cr – 10,000 Cr
  • US FR 550 Challenge: Willow Springs Raceway: from 15,000 kroner to 10,000 kroner

The problem is that Gran Turismo 7 is basically unplayable; There is a maintenance on Twitter due to an issue in patch 1.07. It’s been over 24 hours and this morning at eleven o’clock One respondent rightly wondered why, in the case of a single player game in particular, server maintenance in an offline game would prevent this?

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Yamauchi Kazunori, the father of Gran Turismo, used to be like that Eurogamer He said an internet connection is necessary to prevent fraud. Well, you should eat what they cooked …

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