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Spring semester is almost over, which means graduation day is right around the corner for some of us. Graduation day can be an emotional day for many college graduates. You will have to say goodbye to not only your peers but also the school you just gave four years of your life too. Thankfully, graduation caps give graduates the opportunity to make a final statement before their college career ends. Decorating your graduation cap is a great way to express yourself, show gratitude, or say goodbye to your school. If you’re unsure what you may want to put on your cap don’t worry! This article is all about graduation cap inspiration, and it is filled with ideas on ways to decorate your graduation cap.

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Image result for beyonce graduation caps

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Graduation Cap Ideas | POPSUGAR Smart Living:

2 months till graduation! More:

I’ve got to say, I’m really jealous that ornate graduation cap decorating wasn’t really that big of a thing when I graduated college. And even if I wanted to decorate my hat in high school, I wouldn’t have been able to because we had to give our caps back! But despite my jealousy, I’m a sucker for these funny af caps. I know, I know, this is probably the zillionth graduation cap roundup that you’ve seen, but there’s nothing wrong with checking out a zillion and one of ‘em.:

My graduation cap!:



I’ll be honest with you guys: I had no idea that decorated graduation caps were such a big thing. I know, don’t I sound like your typical mom trying to be cool by pointing out Internet trends you’ve known about for months? Cute! Anyway, back in my day (cue crickety old man voice), we all just wore our grad caps as they were. Sure, some super creative people added a cool extra tassel or their initials or something, but no one was full on painting their caps.:

28 Graduation Cap Ideas For Students With Serious Wanderlust:

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If you’re gearing up to decorate your graduation cap for your ceremony (or just thinking about ideas for your future graduation), you might want to get some inspiration from the Internet. It’s no surprise that many people turn to Disney movies for decoration ideas. Disney movies, whether it’s the classic princess films or newer Pixar movies, are full of inspiration, promise, and excitement.:

Black Excellence: 

Black girl magic graduation cap!:

@lowkeyB's hand painted educated black queen grad cap for UNT graduation:

graduation cap idea black excellence - Google Search:

graduation cap idea black excellence - Google Search:

just like black lives, black grads still matter:

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However you decided to decorate your graduation cap make sure it’s something that truly expresses who you are! Also, be sure to tag CampusLately in all your graduation photos!

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