GR Supra - Car Engine with Manual Transmission Connected

GR Supra – Car Engine with Manual Transmission Connected

By offering a 6-speed manual transmission for the Toyota GR Supra for a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine, Gazoo Racing’s engineers adapted the new powertrain to their specific needs, grabbing a non-existent (BM-related…) design. The gearbox has been modified, the noise-reducing insulation eliminated, and the large-diameter clutch is fitted with reinforced disc springs to withstand heavy use. The iMT intelligent manual transmission means that when the clutch is depressed or released, the ECU assists the shifting process by adjusting the torque – depending on the mode, this is deactivated, for example when selecting a sport. In order to maintain the starting agility, the final gear ratio was shortened and the automatic transmission’s 3.15 ratio was changed to 3.46.

The engineers also paid close attention to the shift lever, setting a length they thought was the ideal amount of lever, but still short enough to keep shift distances short, and optimizing the button shape for an exact 200g weight. The transmission console has been rearranged, with the iDrive console stealing 2 inches of passenger space, in exchange for providing enough room to handle even when the driver is in fifth or sixth gear. By the way, Toyota has not provided data on the driving performance of the Toyota GR Supra with 387 hp / 500 Nm (North American specification) or a manual transmission 340 hp / 495 Nm, as far as it is confirmed that its weight is reduced by 40 kg compared to the transmission automatic. The arrival of the new gearbox will be celebrated with a limited edition 500 A91-MT Edition, as well as customer access to fullextras as well as cognac-colored leather upholstery.

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In addition to the arrival of the new transmission, there is a novelty in the sports car, the traction control system has been improved, allowing the rear wheels to turn more freely than the manual transmission model to make the start as fast as possible, and the automatic transmission model already starts in second gear. It also allows to facilitate the use of the GR Supra in winter conditions. The Hairpin Bend+ function means electronics allow the inner wheel to turn on a sharp curve (a 5% deviation from horizontal) on a steep road to help you drive at a fast pace. The damping is also controlled electronically. In addition, the electric steering wheel has been reset and an electronically controlled differential is now standard on the 3.0-liter turbo engine.

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