Government decision: return the rent already collected to the municipality

Government decision: return the rent already collected to the municipality

Last week, the minister announced that the government decided to release government or municipal real estate rents for a period of five months to help crack down on the hospitality and other service sectors. The exact regulation has now been published, which, on the one hand, determines who can benefit from the assistance and after the activities, and on the other hand, gives a splash to the municipalities that have already been bled.

A company under the influence of the state, municipality, state, or municipality cannot claim rent in February, March, April, May and June – if it has already collected it, it should return it to the tenant by mid-March.

If the tenant has already performed the following activities in that rental space on November 4, 2020, you will not be required to pay the rent:

1.Restaurant, mobile catering,

2. Event catering,

3. Beverage service,

4. Show a movie.

Fifth conference organizing a trade fair

6- Sports and recreational training.

7. Performing arts

8. Complementary to the performing arts,

9. Operating technical facilities,

10- Museum activities.

11. Operating a factory, a zoo, a nature reserve area,

12. Running an athletic facility.

13. Sports Federation.

14. Exercise service,

15- Other sports activities.

16. Amusement park, amusement park,

17. Physical well-being service,

18. Other entertainment, entertainment,

19. Hotel service.

20 – Leave and other temporary accommodation services,

21- Camping services,

22. Other accommodation services.

23- Travel Agency.

24. Travel arrangements or

25. Transporting other land passengers.

All this relief does not apply

  • On-site restaurant or buffet,
  • There is a restaurant and bar on site.
  • The canteen and buffet of the General Education Institute and the Vocational Training Corporation
  • For a restaurant or buffet operator in a healthcare institution.
  • In addition to MNB or a majority owned company by MNB.
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