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Gothic Edition: In the camp visitor [VIDEO]

Gothic Edition: In the camp visitor [VIDEO]

During the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase, the Gothic remake was also shown with a short video.

The title of the video is ‘Welcome to the Old Camp’ and the caption reads: ‘Welcome to the Old Camp in the Mainz Valley. Walk around the camp, meet the friendly locals or go sightseeing. The rink is said to be particularly beautiful this time of year. It’s hard to argue with that, Alkimia Interactive’s visuals so far really aren’t bad. The team was mainly formed from THQ Barcelona, ​​this group released Gothic Game Taste in December 2019, Alkimia was formed in May 2020 mainly with the aim of realizing the Gothic Remake, while the original developers of the IP, also Embracer Group’s Piranha Bytes dealt with ELEX.

The kingdom of Mirtana has been invaded by a ruthless orc horde. secondly. King Robar, who needs large amounts of magical ore to craft powerful weapons, operates the mines of Khrines with all available prisoners. To prevent them from escaping, the ruler asks the best magicians to make a magic barrier. But something is wrong: magic is getting out of control and a rebellion is turning the mines into a wilderness, now ruled by the toughest prisoners. The king is forced to negotiate with the new owners, while tensions rise between the various factions of the mines. However, no one expects that the arrival of an unknown prisoner will completely change everything. Jump into the Colony in the original, large-scale remake of the popular and revolutionary gothic from 2001. Let’s rediscover the world of a mining colony, its secrets and challenges. Play as the Unsung Hero: control the fate of a life-sentenced prisoner who must survive in a world of monsters, creatures, and convicts with dangerous reputations. The combat system carries the basic terms from the original to the modern era.

Gothic remake still no release date. It is being prepared for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, and it was originally designed for current generation platforms already in 2019.

source: Jimatsu

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