Gotham Knights are long overdue

Gotham Knights are long overdue


This year, the role-playing game WB Games Montreal definitely won’t be releasing.

March 22, 2021 19:39 | Jerig | Category: Game

It was announced last summer before Warner Bros.To his studio, formerly known as Batman: Arkham Originst is also a writer WB Montreal Games His studio is working on a new DC game, but that Batman will be missed. This will be it Gotham KnightsWhich focuses on the following times and their heroes.

The makers haven’t revealed much about the cooperatively honed game since its release and unfortunately they aren’t delivering any good news now. As it turns out, contrary to the initial plans, Gohtam Knights definitely won’t launch this year. Although it was not possible to know when the premiere was filmed in 2021, it is now certain that it cannot be due in any way before 2022. The rationale is the usual time to allow more time for the project to complete and achieve perfection. . They thank the fans very much for their support and ask for their patience, and in return they promise that they will reveal more about the game in the coming months. ■

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Gotham Knights
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