Got Squad 51 vs.  On the title and a new trailer.  flying saucers

Got Squad 51 vs. On the title and a new trailer. flying saucers


The game originally ran under the title Squadron 51, but many may have confused it with a specific Squadron 42…

13.08.2022 20:10 | Greg | Category: game

The Loomiarts The studio has been working on its new game for years, which promises to be very stylish and with a great atmosphere. The entertainment compilation Shoot embraced by Squadron 51 v. They were called flying saucers. But that has changed a bit now.

The creators didn’t say exactly why, but they changed the title of the game a bit, and that’s really the case Squad 51 vs. flying saucers Live in shape. Who knows, maybe they don’t want many people to confuse their game with the Squadron 42, which may never appear…

But the game not only got a new title but also a new trailer, where you have to use your plane to fight the aliens who are about to invade your home in a style reminiscent of the 1950s sci-fi fantasy. Accordingly, we can control our various aerial abilities in black and white and in the side view, where we also have to shoot down flying saucers and strange monsters. All this is cheated by live how-to, which makes the game more unique and creative.

Squad 51 vs. Flying Saucers are out for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, as well as the Nintendo Switch, and we could get ready for its release sometime this fall. ■

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Squad 51 vs.  flying saucers

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