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Gordon Ramsay’s perfect scrambled eggs have become the subject of ridicule

Gordon Ramsay’s perfect scrambled eggs have become the subject of ridicule

Star chef Gordon Ramsay first showed how he believes perfect scrambled eggs should be prepared years ago on American Chef. The recording began to spread again on social media and became the subject of ridicule.

“It turns out I make a better scrambled egg than Gordon Ramsay” or “If this is the perfect scrambled egg, I’ll stick with the imperfect one” – people share the Scottish star chef once again with such similar comments. Gordon Ramsay Your perfect scrambled eggs recipe – The mirror writes American edition of the British tabloid newspaper.

On the 2017 season of American Chef, Ramsay demonstrated how he believes the perfect scrambled eggs are made. He says the secret is to get the consistency of scrambled eggs so that the dish is neither too runny nor too dense and chewy.

During preparation, Ramsay beats six eggs in a saucepan, then adds butter and begins to fry over medium heat, stirring frequently. He says that when stirring, he makes sure that the egg does not stick to the bottom or side of the bowl. According to the star chef, the perfect scrambled eggs are cooked in three minutes, but by keeping the pot on the heat for half a minute, then removing it from the heat for half a minute and so on, alternating, stirring constantly.

According to Ramsay, it is important to add salt and pepper to the eggs only when they are almost ready, and then the chef’s secret ingredient is added: he adds a teaspoon of sour cream to the six eggs and then stirs them. Finally, he just adds a little chopped chives.

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Ramsay’s scrambled eggs not only have critics, but there are also supporters who say they have tried the method and have never eaten a tastier scrambled egg. I wonder who is right?

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