Google will pay for the news to the British press

Google will pay for the news to the British press

Google will launch View news UK product with which you will pay a fee for media content used in the UK. The service has been agreed with 450 media outlets worldwide so far, and CNBC.

Silicon Valley has signed a contract with more than one hundred and twenty English language news outlets to pay for the news used.

The media includes the Financial Times and Reuters. According to initial reports, news agencies can expect profits of a few million dollars from the technology, the portal writes.

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Service a Google News And the Discover Google It will be run through apps where users can view articles and videos. When the reader clicks on an excerpt from the writing, a View news Redirects to publisher site. Instead, app users will be able to set up their own interests and news lists.

Our new product offers licensing-based collaboration for local, national and independent media

Saeed Ronan Harris, Vice President of Google.

The tech company has signed contracts with 450 media outlets around the world so far, and will soon launch its new innovations in Australia, Germany, Brazil, Canada, France, Japan and Argentina, the newspaper writes.

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