Google will also speak Voloful

Google researcher Johan Schalkwyk said in a presentation, in which Google researcher Johan Schalkwyk said: “Imagine that he is surfing the internet in Africa newly speaking Wolof (he mainly speaks in Senegal) and checking his phone where the nearest pharmacy is or which channel is showing the Nations Cup match The latest innovations in artificial intelligence were presented to journalists.

More than seven thousand languages ​​are spoken worldwide, but Google only offers its own translation software in more than 130 languages.

The company also collects large amounts of audio recordings in different communities, among other things

For languages ​​that do not necessarily have a written form.

Under the program planned for several years, Google intends to use its achievements in its products, including the YouTube video-sharing portal, digital keyboards and translation software, in order to facilitate access to its online services in the native language of Internet users and to help them access important content.

With other advances in artificial intelligence, Google has developed tools that allow forest fires to be detected and monitored in real time using satellite imagery. The IT giant makes this information available on Google Maps and search software, helping to warn at-risk residents and firefighters to predict and rescue further spread of the fire. This service is now available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and some areas of Australia.

Another project launched in 2017, warning residents of potential floods, was able to send 155 million notices to 23 million people in India and Bangladesh last year. Google announced, on Wednesday, the extension of this service to eighteen additional countries in South America, Asia and Africa.

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