Google Maps can put you in life-threatening situations

Google Maps can put you in life-threatening situations

Google had to change directions because the number of times the map included was not only annoying but downright life-threatening for hikers. It has happened several times in Scotland that following the recommendations of the famous map service, novice hikers get lost on steep trails and bumpy terrain that they are not recommended even for advanced hikers.

BBC article Highlights Stories about Ben Nevis, the highest mountain peak in the UK. The recommended route from the parking lot at the foot of the 1,345-meter summit was a huge problem, and Google protected it by saying that the app offered the shortest but not the safest route. Mountaineering Scotland told the newspaper they are aware of several infected people who have taken the route suggested by the smartphone app, four of whom have lost their lives.

The search company has since taken the necessary steps on the contested section and will continue to carry out prevention analyzes. Authorities have asked novice hikers to use a traditional map and compass whenever possible.

We have written many times before about not necessarily believing in the popular navigation service, it happened when hundreds of motorists were in trouble:

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