Megszállja a Google az iOS 16 zárképernyőit kép

Google invades iOS 16 lock screens

We can interact with Google Apps on a new interface.

As of September 12, iOS 16 can be downloaded for all compatible devices, and one of its biggest innovations is the fully customizable lock screen. Of course, this was out of the question until now without a jailbreak on iPhones. However, Apple is finally catching up with Android in this regard as well, with 3D images, widgets, and multiple fonts, iPhone locked screens become unique.

Since the system has been available in beta for several months, the largest developers have had time to test the functionality of the new system, and at the same time with the official release of iOS 16, Google also announced that several lock screen widgets will be introduced through its most applications fame in the coming weeks.

Among them, you will find a shortcut to incognito, you can immediately start playing Dino game from Chrome if the Internet goes down, and of course you can start searching in seconds by clicking on the classic magnifying glass icon. In addition, the Gmail app is also getting a lot of attention, as it will soon offer more tools; We will be able to choose to display the number of new messages next to the date, or show in detail the categories of emails waiting to be opened.

Last but not least, Google Maps and Google News also get additional tools, so our top news and favorite restaurants can be accessed with a single click.

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