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Google has made a ChatGPT challenger, Bard, available

Google has made a ChatGPT challenger, Bard, available

Right now, Google is making its chatbot available in the US and UK to a limited number of users who can chat with Bard in English.

Last year, the emergence of the chatbot of OpenAI ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence research lab backed by Microsoft, sparked stiff competition in the technology sector. the Reuters To the question of whether increased competition is behind Bard’s introduction, Google has responded that it is trying to focus primarily on users. The company writes that both internal and external testers turn to Bard to “poke their curiosity and speed up their thought processes.”

In the presentation, it was revealed, among other things, that Bard can generate a block of text in an instant, while ChatGPT “writes” characters one by one. Bard also has a feature that shows three different versions or “drafts” of any answer that users can switch between freely. They also offered a “Google it” button for those searching for answers separately.

However, there is still room for improvement in accuracy: Google warned in a statement that Bard doesn’t always find the right answer to questions. In Bard’s presentation in February, he got the wrong answer to a question that investors reacted to very sensitively: The company lost $100 billion in value in a short period of time.

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