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Google Fact Check Explorer: We can now check images

Google Fact Check Explorer: We can now check images

With this step, Google is trying to work against misinformation in a new way, so that it is more difficult for us to fall into the trap of fake news.

The Internet, like many other IT things, can be used for both good and bad. In the case of the Internet, there is, for example, the dark web, where illegal things are traded, but there is also questionable content “on the surface”. It can’t be joked about with photoshopped images, misinformation, and the negative impact of all this, but it has to be said that it can do more harm than just a fun moment. During a pandemic, this could endanger people’s lives, and Google is trying to offer a solution to that, because Fact Check Explorer, which can be translated as a fact-checker in Hungarian, has been expanded with a new functionality.

During the Global Fact 10 conference, Google launched the new function, which allows us to upload an image and receive an answer whether the uploaded image has undergone fact analysis or not. We can see if a manipulated image has been uploaded, so it will also be possible to filter out misleading content. “At Google, we support this effort by developing tools and resources that help people evaluate information online. We are committed to helping people spot online misinformation and providing long-term support for fact-checking and They do.”

Another new function that will be very useful to fact-checkers is that it provides them with relevant information and timelines after uploading an image. In this way, it is possible to learn how the attributes related to the image develop, so that we can better understand the image and its antecedents. The new Google Fact Check Explorer features are still in beta, but the company is working on making them available to as many users across multiple industries as possible. Google will help 35 fact-checking organizations in 45 countries with funds allocated to them (the Global Fact-Checking Fund).

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Action must be taken against misleading and false news. Especially when the power of a state is based on this …

source: WCCFTech

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