Google brings Android games to your PC

Of course, we have to immediately ask how Google will be able to demonstrate serious innovations compared to Android emulators (such as BlueStacks).

Moreover, when you think about it, Microsoft has already started working on a solution that can be seen in Windows 11: some (but not all) Android games can be played in the new “windows”. However, both solutions are far from ideal, and “gugli” is now trying to bridge that distance. They already have the advantage of having Android by default, so they have a “know it in the palm of their hand” forum…

That’s why Alphabet (the parent company of Google…) announceThe Google Play Games app runs on Windows. This will be developed in-house by Google and will run games locally, so the app will not use the cloud. It would also be possible to turn it off just as you would on a mobile phone or tablet, so perhaps “making a computer” seems more natural.

According to Greg Hatrell, Product Manager for Google Games, starting in 2022 we will be able to try our favorite Google Play games on multiple devices and switch freely between multiple devices (mobile devices, tablets, Chromebooks, and soon-to-be PCs). The product, created by Google, will bring the best Google Play games to more laptops and desktops, and the company is eager to expand its platform so gamers can enjoy their favorite Android games even more. It will be a native Windows app distributed by Google and will run on Windows 10 and 11.

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Google can win in short this step, if on the one hand they can solve the problem of the application which does not have such huge machine requirements (because BlueStacks will be a bit weak in this area) and on the other hand you may not need a Google account but knowing that they They’ll also ask for it for sure…but then you’ll be able to watch the commercials here too…however, last year, a document was leaked from your Mac…so you plan a company.

source: WCCFTech

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