Google announced a bunch of new Android features

Google announced a bunch of new Android features

A festive atmosphere has taken over the Google team, which has now announced a bunch of new Android features. Some of them will be available soon, others are already available.

Families are brought together with the Family Bell feature, which reminds us of the important moments. Users will receive notifications via their phone, smart screen or home speaker so they don’t miss a thing. The feature can remind us of things like a family movie theater or some kind of homework that needs to be done.

Widgets have been added to three Google apps, so you can now use Google Books to access your entire library or keep track of where you are in an audiobook. With YouTube Music, you can see the latest songs you’ve listened to and control music playback. Google Photos has also got a tool called People & Pets which allows you to decorate your home screen with a pretty face.

The latter will be available early next week, and unfortunately for the others, it is not known when they will be armed. Google Photos gets an extra feature: Memories or Memories also appear within the app. This includes a selection of photos and videos from holidays or milestones – birthdays and the like. It can be renamed, customized, or even removed.

The security of users is enhanced by the automatic restoration of application permissions, which prevents applications that have not been used for a long time from accessing the data on the device or prevents them from performing any operations. If you open the app, the permissions will be re-enabled. The new feature will be available up to Android 6.0 via Google Play Services.

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New emoji will be added to the Gboard keyboard, and virtual keyboard beta users will be able to try them out, but they will be included in the “normal” app in the coming weeks. Among the novelties, for example, are the gift box emoji, which are quite modern with the approach of the holidays.

An interesting innovation is the digital car key function, which is one of the newly announced innovations that can actually be used. In addition to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models, the innovation is also available on the Samsung Galaxy S21 in select regions. The new feature currently only works with a few compatible BMWs, but it’s not impossible later to provide support for cars from other manufacturers.

The last feature that was just announced is that we can set Android Auto to start automatically when we connect our Android device to a compatible car. On the go, we have access to an option called Smart Answers that makes it easy to reply to a text message using Google Now. Another feature is voice search, which will allow us to choose music in media applications faster – and obviously with less width. Google has promised to introduce two new car features soon, although no specific date has yet been set.

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