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Goodwill Pharma, which distributes the Szent-Györgyi Albert Medical Prize, distances itself from the winner’s statements.

Goodwill Pharma, which distributes the Szent-Györgyi Albert Medical Prize, distances itself from the winner’s statements.

We recently wrote that one of the winners of the General Prize of the Szent-Györgyi Albert Medical Prize of the Egészsétért Közhaznú Foundation established by Goodwill Pharma is Dr. Joseph Tamasi, who is known for his virus-skeptical and anti-vaccination statements during the coronavirus pandemic. Pharmaceutical company now in the current situation response to the incident.

“By creating the Szent-Györgyi Albert Medical Award, Goodwill Pharma wanted to create a platform for social recognition, where patients could express their gratitude to their physicians who helped them recover and cared for their recovery. Nationwide, 7 awards were presented to the public, a Lifetime Achievement Award and 1 special professional award “.

“At the request of Goodwill Pharma, in his capacity as founder, the Board of Trustees of the Public Health Benefit Foundation examined Dr. Joseph Tamasi’s statements, especially his statements relating to Covid. Based on the investigation, both Founder Goodwill Pharma and the Foundation distance themselves from statements made by Dr. Tamasi.”

The ad, named after Goodwill Pharma CEO Dr. Ferenc Goggart, also states that for the company and its organizations, “It is important to respect science and adhere to ethical standards, and the health workers who have fought beyond their means during the pandemic deserve the gratitude of all of us for his recovery and for doing everything What they can to keep them healthy. We also expressed our commitment in 2020 to present a special replacement award.” Highlighted in the announcement: In accordance with the Foundation’s principles, in addition to honoring patients, the award also draws attention to professional excellence and responsibility to the health of society.

“According to the regulations of the Foundation created in 2017, Dr. Tamasi is also among the recipients of the Audience Award, over whom, according to the regulations, we have no influence.”

“However, as a result of the above investigation, the foundation will reformulate the regulations for awarding the prize, by which the objective set at the time of its foundation can be fully achieved.”

According to this year’s regulations, there was only one condition for receiving the Audience Award: the nominated doctor must be actively practicing in Hungary. This condition was met by Joseph Tamasi.

“We hereby apologize to other award recipients, clinicians who were right in their Covid care, as well as health workers whose sympathies and values ​​were violated by the condition, for the shortcomings revealed by the review. In the future, the Foundation’s bylaws will be revisited and amended with available ethical standards in mind.” .

In addition to Joseph Tamasi, both general award recipients and professional award recipients are recognized specialists, among whom, for example, is Dr. middle. Origin Gergely Krivan, MD, Chief Physician, President of the Hungarian Pediatric Oncology Network, and President of the Gyor Mosun-Sopron District of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, Dr. Also László Szijjartó. The Professional Award will be awarded in 2023 to Dr. Pia Pászthy, Associate Professor at Semmelweis University and Dr. It was obtained by Zoubi Ali, surgeon, chief clinical oncologist.

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