“good morning girls!” The teacher greeted the students, then they expelled him

A teacher at a private girls’ school in the UK had to apologize for saying, “Good morning, girls!” However, the teacher was fired from his job.

A teacher in an elite private school greets her students as follows: “Good morning, girls!” – As it turned out, this was a mistake.

the The Daily Mail reported that, that the teacher’s contract was not renewed – he was fired – on the grounds that he did not take into account that some 11-year-olds did not identify as girls. They added: High school girls complained to the teacher, because they believed that not every person could be defined as a woman.

After what happened, the students protested during their lunch break, holding up a poster that read, “The transient lives matter too.”

The administration finally initiated disciplinary proceedings against the teacher and required him to apologize to the students. The teacher finally did so, but maintained that it was embarrassing and humiliating to him.

According to the news, the fertile ground for what happened is that some of the older students gave a lecture on diversity and inclusion.

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