Good luck with the beautiful Hungarian Muay Thai girl

Good luck with the beautiful Hungarian Muay Thai girl

Muaythai fighter Sandurvi Ajsa can also compete in the July World Championships in the United States.

From July 7 to July 17, the World will be held in Birmingham, USA, an international multi-sport event. The World Games will always be held first after the Olympic Games and will include sports not included in the Tkariks programme. Eight competitors from eight countries in each cunning Muay Thai group can show what they know.

Ajsa Sundorfi (opposite) moves on his home ground according to a professional system of rulesSource: Premium Mdia & Sport Management Zrt.

“A seat was cleared, I don’t know exactly why, but I finished third on the list with my European Championship,” said Ajsa Sndorfi, who also quit the fight in early June. get hurt

Ajsa Sndorf (in Perfect Fight Club) would like to come home from VilgjtkokSource: Premium Mdia & Sport Management Zrt.

In Vilgetkoek, the competition is played according to amateur rules, the fight lasts 3 x 3 minutes, and the athlete wears a head and body in addition to gloves. Ajnd Sndorfi, who also made his professional Superfight series debut, defeated his Czech opponent last fall. He had to leave the World Cup in December because he became a crown prince in Thailand, but he was brilliant in the World Cup, only the world champions came out, he took the bronze, thanks to which he could start in the world. Glass. For whom he now prepares a weekly fire, he will train for the rest of the time, and he will hold rehearsals for the rest of the time.

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