Good light at man skate speed

Good light at man skate speed

Graeme Fish won the World Speed ​​Skating Championship in Salt Lake City on Friday.

Canadian jockey Ted Jean Ployemen, his second gold medalist in the 5,000 meters the previous day, set a record of 12: 33,868 minutes, nearly 2.5 seconds better than the previous record.

In the 500-meter sprint, both sexes won in paper form: Russian Pavel Kolezhnikov became world champion for the third time, while Japanese Olympic champion Kodaira Nao was the fastest for the second time.
The Japanese national team won the women’s team competition.

frfi 500 m, vilgbajnok:
Pavel Kolezhnikov (Russia) 33,727 sec
2 – Ruslan Murasov (Russia) 995 33
3 – Senhama Takuga (Japan) 34,035

FRFI 10000m, Villjpagnok:
Graeme Fish (Canada) 12: 33868 minutes – Flash
2. Ted Jean Ployemen (Canada) 12: 45.010
3. Patrick Beckert (Nmetorszg) 12: 47.934

Ne 500m, Villjpagnock:
Kodaira Nao (Japan) 36.692 mp
2 – Angelina Golikova (Russia) 36741
3 – Olga Vatkulina (Russia) 36789

NI Team Competition, World Champion:
Japen (M. Takagi, N. Takagi, Szato, Szakai) 2: 50.766 minutes
2. Hollandia (Wst, Achtereekte, de Jong, Wijfje) 2: 52.656
3. Canada (Blondin, Weidemann, Maltais, Mccluskey) 2: 53.628

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