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Feb. 26, 2023, at 11:36 p.m

For the 19th time, the zither players of Vojvodina have gathered in Mozli to celebrate together Szilasi Day, where they commemorate Mehli Tselassie, the founder of Muzliya, the famous harpist, but at the same time they celebrate the zither. An instrumental of Ferenc Wehr’s father and his poem Lcia Kapusi was also played, and the score was played by Joseph Lilly, Npmvszet professor.

Jzsef Dob, President of Muzslai Petfi Sndor MME, opened the event, and then Fremond rpd, President of the Hungarian National Dance, opened the event, who enthusiastically spoke about the day of the zithers, whose “goals are to strengthen the zither. So that the idea of ​​people continues in us, ”said MNT President.

The essence of song, song, and music is to find harmony, harmony, and harmony in ourselves, in our family, in our community, in our nation, and in the wider world. You could say that it was Mehli Selassie who, if he could, played the harp and played music to entertain others and himself. Fremond rpd said he made an instrument and kept recording, not thinking then that such an important event would be associated with his name.

Zither players came from Jvidkár, Temerin, Szentmihly, Magyarkanizs, Pacsr, Kisorosz, Topolyr and Trkbecs, but the event was also honored with attendance, Csák szlet performed, but Ferenc Borsi, a law teacher, lives in Budapest.

The crowd joined in cheering and cheering. This event was also of a charitable nature, as they collected much-needed donations in favor of the local girl Anita Burger, who was posing for a foreigner.

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