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The body works to promote Hungarian national science, science and education, oversees recognition recognition, and formulates opinions on draft state resolutions, advisory proposals, and public statements, said Miklós-Soltz.

May 23, 2023, 7:31 p.m

Mikls Soltsz, Minister of State to the Prime Minister in charge of Interethnic and National Relations, will give a presentation on the Hungarian Corvin-link and the Hungarian Corvin-link Authority at the public debate of the bill at the Orszggyls plenary session on May 23, 2023. MTI/Kosztisk Szilrd

At a public hearing on the Hungarian Corvin Chain Bill and the Hungarian Corvin Chain Authority, the Minister of State in charge of Religious and National Relations in the Prime Minister’s Office, Miklős Soltsz, highlighted that: after the Hungarian Order of St. Stephen, it is the second highest award given to science and art And the role it played in the educational boom.

After listing the persons disclosed, the Secretary of State spoke of the fact that the body works for the revival of Hungarian national science, sports and education, oversees the recognition of recognition, formulates opinions on draft state decisions, advises proposals, and makes public statements.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the aim of the proposed law is to understand the tone of the legal rules related to recognition, the body and the office, and therefore it combines the provisions of the two laws and a government decree in a new law. that the chain will continue to be donated by the President of the Republic on the basis of the Minister’s promotion, but the Foundation is part of the Sindoor Palace Organization.

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