Golovin: I don't think sixth place is a reality

Golovin: I don’t think sixth place is a reality

According to the captain of the Hungarian women’s handball team, the team was able to stay in the match continuously, but the players were clearly tired.

Golovin: There was no mental problem

According to Vladimir Golovin, the national team was able to stand and stay in the match against the Swedish national team, but the three matches that it played in one week showed on the players: “We were constantly in the game, but the Swedes managed to keep their advantage and took advantage of our mistakes mercilessly. I’m sure we could have done better, but the team was tired, and it was difficult for us to recover, which is why we conceded goals so easily.” – said the captain of the national team after the match.

“There was no mental problem, we wanted to win, but it was our third game this week and because of that we were quickly exhausted. The substitutions also helped, although they had a hard time, only had a few minutes of play so far, they had to play.” this way “.

Golovin emphasized that he did not consider the sixth to be realistic: “If we had prepared for the second match as we have now, it would have been different. The victory over the Scandinavian national teams was not expected.”

Kinga Debrecheni Klevini drew attention to the mistakes she made in her rhythm: “We played well, but we had a lot of technical errors, the way we sold the ball, they started and they took advantage of their situation.”

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Finally, Anna Elbek, who was not satisfied with the team’s defense, gave her opinion on the match, for which she blamed herself: “We couldn’t do what we planned in defense. Unfortunately, I couldn’t provide enough help at the back either, so I’m sure I’ll have a sleepless night today.”

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