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Golden Bull can be played on New Year’s Eve, and here’s a new trailer

Golden Bull can be played on New Year's Eve, and here's a new trailer

“Four portions of aranibolate, please!”
“It’s six, can you stay?”

Perhaps such a conversation took place between the MTVA, who entered the store of the series, and Philip Rákay, who was behind the counter in the producer’s mantle, slaughtering pigs, after the MTVA decided to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Aranybulla. The work is done, and even with the 2022 jubilee celebrations with it, between December 25 and 30, Donna’s channel will air an episode of it every night from 8:00 p.m. In other words, as my colleague said, everyone can welcome the series under the tree:

Oh Paula Chow, Paula Chow, Paula Chow, Chow, Chow!

Since the series runs for six nights, it’s for the really hardcore series addicts out of Christmas

They have to wait until around New Year’s Eve to grind the golden bull.

A preview of the 600 Million Fortnite series was released already in the summer, and now we have received a new one-minute trailer, which is already being talked about. Why did the trailer appear on the gmail user channel with seven subscribers, lk12, maybe only the new creative director of MTVA, Róbert Kárász, can say, anyway, here it is:

AgoRecently A few years ago, I clicked through a medieval-themed series, so in a split second I could tell B series super products or completely unnecessary bugs.

Based on the reviews, Aranybulla easily gets a B category,

Unfortunately, the Hungarian soundtrack, which is usually terrible, can’t be swapped in this case, but regardless, I’m just going to watch Christmas Service. during Then, and I’m sure we’ll write about it too, few Hungarian historical films and series are so painfully produced.

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Back in February 2021, we wrote about the National Film Institute giving four million forints to a team consisting of Mark Kiss Szabo, Philip Rakai and Szent Vajk to produce a film about the Golden Ball. By August 2021, the project has changed so much that Rakai has become a screenwriter and producer, and the film has become a sequel. Rather, the manufacturer He received 600 million HUF the support.

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