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the Sue Hayes His 17-year-old hope, winner in the Athlete category of the 2022 public public vote for best player in Szegedy, Pádár Nikolett, after his bronze medal in OB last year, repeated the result in this year’s army review, also in the 400m sprint. Thursday’s achievement was followed by another today, on Friday he walked towards gold in the 200m sprint, and he had a silver star around his neck in the 100m dash. We congratulate all Szeged competitors, we show you the detailed results.

Among the medals of all colors that Nicolette Badar brought to Szeged, we wrote about it here:

Detailed results for HAÁSZ SZUE in this year’s national championship:

  • Nikolett Pádár: 200m sprint: 1st place, 100m sprint: 2nd place, 400m sprint: 3rd place
  • Ana Olas 1500m fast: ninth place, 800m fast: tenth place, 400m fast: thirteenth place
  • Adorján Kende 50m breaststroke: fourth place, 100m breaststroke: ninth place, 200m breaststroke: fifteenth place, 50m breaststroke: 55th place
  • Zsombor Paksi 200m butterfly: 12th place, 100m butterfly: 22nd place, 200m breaststroke: 36th place, 100m breaststroke: 50th place

HAÁSZ SZUE started two 17-year-old newcomers in the men’s field at the national championships in Kaposvár, where on the last day of the competition a youngster from Szeged achieved the greatest realistic feat possible, i.e. reaching the A-final. Adorján Kende achieved this impressive result in his own right in the 50-meter breaststroke, but he added something else to it: he finished fourth in the final! Anna Ullach swam the morning race, finishing with the second-best time, which meant tenth place overall in the 800-meter breaststroke. Zsombor Paksi finished 22nd in the 100-meter butterfly. Kennedy achieved a high ranking at a very young age, there was a real chance of that up front, but it required a very good swim, which he did.

Zsombor Paksi had a personal best so we finished the tournament on a good day. Regarding Nikolett Pádár, it can be said: he is already considered a protected member of the team from the point of view of the World Cup, and he will definitely be there at the World Championships in Fukuoka, moreover, in the individual 200m and in the two stages. relay events.

Gábor Gellért, Technical Director of HAÁSZ SZUE, said: “We’ve had good results in the ob, the youth seem to be lonely, and we will continue to work even for better positions.”

We congratulate our competitors and show you an exhibition made in the national championship:

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