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Gold Raspberry withdraws worst performance award from Bruce Willis

Gold Raspberry withdraws worst performance award from Bruce Willis

cancel download from Bruce Willis The award for worst performance was given to him, Golden Raspberry, after the actor’s family announced that Willis was retiring from the profession due to his loss of the ability to speak.

If someone’s health condition contributes to decision making and/or performance, it is not appropriate to give them Golden Raspberry

– states in contact that John JB Wilson And the mo murphyby the founders of Golden Raspberry following a statement from the Willis family.

Giving the year’s weakest film performance behind us every year on the eve of the Oscars, Golden Raspberry was in a special mood for the year, and in addition to the usually unattractive categories, Willis A dedicates a whole separate category called “Bruce”. Willis Worst Performance” at Willis 2021. Appeared in all eight films. The winner of this category will ultimately be a cosmic sin Worthy Edward DrakeIt is currently a movie at 2.5 on IMDb. But four days after the awards ceremony, the Willis family announced the actor’s diagnosis of aphasia and that… He retires because of his conditiontriggering ProfessionHe led the Golden Raspberry team to reassess the situation.

This year’s Golden Raspberry Willis category seems less appropriate in light of the fact that filmmakers have known the actor’s condition for years, according to Hollywood sources: Struggle in the groupThe deterioration in performance noted by many has long been due to deteriorating health.

Golden Raspberry also announced another change: It has been withdrawn Shelley Duval Forty-two years ago brillianceShe got a mark regarding her performance in Stanley Kubrick He treated Duvall so poorly during filming that it was a mitigating circumstance. Duvall spoke in an interview last year about how tough Kubrick was with him on set. The founders of Golden Raspberry had already talked about the fact that, in view of this, the nomination of Duvall was not appropriate, and now, he is also withdrawn under the influence of smoke for this year’s Willis Prize.

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