Gold prospectors have made an astonishing discovery in the Land of Eternal Frost

Gold prospectors have made an astonishing discovery in the Land of Eternal Frost

No one thought they would find it.

A fine mummified baby mammoth was found by gold prospectors in northwestern Canada.

The small woolly mammoth was discovered in the gold fields of Klondike in the permafrost region on Tuesday, the Yukon and Indigenous peoples in Tronding-Huichen announced Friday local time.

It is said to be the most enduring mammoth in all of North America.

The indigenous ancestors of the mammoth called the mammoth Nun cho ga (Big Animal Baby), which, according to the competent authority and geologists at the University of Calgary, may have lived and froze in permafrost for more than 30,000 years.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, woolly mammoths inhabited Eurasia and North America. The species became extinct 13,000 years ago on Earth and a few thousand years later in the Arctic islands where it is still found.

Grant Zazula, a paleontologist with the relevant authority, described the discovery of Nun cho ga as an incredible find. Mammoth hair and skin survived. The tiny nails on his toes show that they haven’t fully hardened yet. The expert told Global News that the giant 140-centimeter baby was probably a month old when he died.

It is reported that this is the second time in the world that an undeveloped specimen of a woolly mammoth has been found. In 1948, the remains of a mammoth calf were found in a gold mine in Alaska, and the find was named Ivy.

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