Gold Cup: USA and Mexico reach the finals

The United States defeated Qatar and Mexico over Canada in the Gold Cup semi-finals. On the last call, these two guards played the finals as well.

Defending champions Mexico reached the final in a big fight (Image: AFP)

Qatar, who was invited to the tournament, pressed from a penalty kick in the 61st minute, which later responded – the United States in the 86th minute. Gyasi Zardes He scored the win with his goal and reached the finals.

Qatar and the United States 0-1

And on the other branch, Mexico, in the extension of the first half, Urbelin Pineda take advantage of it Tajon Buchanan He can still answer in the 57th minute. That’s how Carlos Salcedo Penalty kick missed. The referee extended 15 minutes and Mexico in the 99th minute for Atletico Madrid. Hector Herrera He won the match with his goal.

Mexico – Canada 2-1

Like the 2019 Gold Cup, the United States and Mexico will be in the final again, with the latter winning 1-0.

Gold Cup, United States
Qatar – USA 0-1
(Zardes 86.)
Mexico – Canada 2-1 (O. Pineda 45 + 2., H. Herrera 90 + 9., and Buchanan 57.)

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